Gone Baby Gone

Finished Ballet Wrap
Finished Ballet Wrap,
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So, PROJECT 2007 ( Ballet Wrap is done) all in all I think it was an easy project, but rather long winded the sash is three yards long, or atleast it felt like it, and the construnction was a little puzzling ( Thank You Nora for making patterns that everyone wants to make, but can't always figure them out) For some reason I am always drawn to her patterns from first sight, then I cringe when I see that Nora is the author. Quickly followed by clearing about 6 months out of my schedule to make the damn thing. I made the 40" chest Med, but it is big, I am so glad I decided to make the sleeves 5 inches shorter, because they would have been way to long if I hadn't. Also, I could have made the sleeves less wide by a couple of inches and done fine. There is alot of room in those sleeves, but very comfy. On my at my 6 months prego body it looks more like a kimono inspired look then a ballet wrap, but it looks good just the same. If I feel pretty later I might take a pic of it on, but don't hold your breath. Now on to bigger and better things. Like PROJECT SUMMER 2008 ( Isabella from Knitty) Pics to come. Yak at ya later, TATER!


Bad Blogger

I know I have not been blogging lately, but I probably should have put up a disclaimer in my last blog entry. X mas is a seriously busy season for me at work and at home. We would literally work all day and party all night for about three weeks in December. Not to mention visiting relatives, being pregnant, and other things that popped up unexpectedly. One of them being the sudden and shocking death of my grandmother. I know that I am really starting to sound like Debbie Downer, but I think in all 2007 has been a rocky year.

I love my Momma Joe, she was my best friend. We could talk for hours and she really really really got me. She never judged me or told me what to do. We had so much in common. She was the one that taught me how to knit, sew, and crochet, and that is usually what we talked about. I loved her cooking and can mimic her cooking pretty well. I can't put into words how hurt and shocked I was when I found out she was gone. It took my breath away and made me physically hurt! It would have hurt her to see me in so much pain. It has been a week and a half, so, I know it will hurt for a while, but I can't go a day without crying. At her funeral I literally chapped my eyelids from crying so much.
I had to buy a maternity outfit wear at her funeral. I had to buy a black dress for my 4 year old! That was so hard! I spent my first xmas in my whole life without her on this planet just two days after she died. Xmas sucked! I got a happy maternity card and a $25 check from her in the mail in the days just before she died.
I know she is old and I should look at it with a more positive spin, but I want my Momma Joe back. I want to call her and talk about knitting tommorow morning. I want to drive to her house and have her greet me in the driveway with hugs and kisses. I want to get 100 more sappy cards from her for secondary holidays and occasions. When I forget what to put in her meatloaf I want to be able to call her and ask her. I don't get any of that anymore! It is all gone and I never get it again. If I had know I would have enjoyed it more. I would have talked a little longer, and stayed an extra day. I would have taken more pictures of her. Pictures of us together. I don't have one not even one in the last 10 years. I would have kissed her, just one more time. I would have done everything more! I would trade 100 of my days for one more with her.
She is all over my house! She crocheted me about 100 snow flakes for my xmas tree. They where on there the day she died it killed me to see them on xmas morning. She is in my food, she loved to put ketchup in everything, it was her secret ingredient, her blanked is on my couch ( she crocheted it for me), she is all over my daughters room. I know that she was making a blanket for my unborn son, I couldn't find it at her house. I know it is in there somwhere.
I feel so alone without her here! I will miss her forever! I just hope it hurts less!


Amazingly Gross Cake

kitty litter Box cake
kitty litter Box cake,
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I just found this and I am considering making it for my husbands next birthday party. I just know it will be a hit! This has to be the grosses concept in pary food that I have ever seen. WOW! Click on the pic to get the recipe.


New Plying Technique

New Plying Technique
New Plying Technique,
originally uploaded by Fiber Maiden.
So, I just wanted to let everyone know that I just invented a new hand plying technique. It is really easy and with results like this who wouldn't want to do it. I know you are just itching to find out how you can impliment it on your handspun fibers. You simple wrap the single ply around your hand slowly tightening it as you go, so that once you have got about 3/4ths of the single on your hand that it is turning blue. If you hand isn't blue you aren't doing it right. Thats just an insiders tip I like to pass along to you my dear readers. You'll thank me later I promise. Then after you hand is mostly blue you start to panic and this is the key. Without the panic you are just doing that boring old ply that you are used to. In you panic state you freak out and start ripping the yarn of of your hand. If you have done the first step right the yarn should be so tight at this point that there is no possible way to get it off without cutting it. So, with your one good hand freak out and run around the house looking for scissors. If you really want to get into it. You could start screaming or as someone who knows nothing about fiber or yarn to help you get it off. The look on their face will be priceless. After you find the scissors and have properly freaked out. Cut slits in various parts of the " yarn cuff" as I like to call it. Trying to spare as much as you can for the finally. After you have it all off wad it up in a ball, and cry. Tears or no tears it really doesn't matter. It will not change the end result. Then take pictures of it and send them to me so I can see your handy work. Who ever has the biggest pile of USELESS crap wins. Bonus points for most expensive fiber used. I am putting mine in a place of honor in my house so that I never try another plying method again. Learning new things is for suckers!


The way it goes

New Baby Diaper Cover
New Baby Diaper Cover,
originally uploaded by Fiber Maiden.
Alot has been going on lately! I have had plenty to say and no time to say it, so, now that I am up a 5 in the morning and there is no one around I guess I can chat it up. I started my job back, yes, my boss has changed his attitude toward the pregos. Apparently he has seen the light after having two horrible replacements that where not up to snuff. Within a week I had my Amex and keys back and with some added bonuses that I had him agree to. Like bringing my daughter to work, and not having to deal with customers so that I can focus on the back of the house work that I enjoy so much. It really is a win win situation. Yeah!
My poor little dog has been sick as a dog for the last week, but I really think he is doing alot better now. Not completely better, but much better than last week for sure. The scary thing is I have no idea why he is sick. The best I can figure is that he ate something he shouldn't have and then stopped eating and drinking for a couple of days. He looked so bad then. Without having any hair to hide his skin and bones he really just looked like a skeleton.
I found a wonderful birthing center where I can have the water birth of my dreams. It is an amazing facility that is more like a day spa. I just love it there. Unfortunatly it is about 45 min from my house, so, it is one heak of a drive, but totally worth it! Yesterday we found out what the sex of the baby was. ITS A BOY! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Anyone that knows me knows I love my daughter sooooooooooooooo much, but I have always wanted to have a whole bunch of boys. So, I won't have a whole bunch of them, but just one, and I am so so so so so very very very happy. I want him to be my grandfather, middle brother, and husband all rolled into one. His name is going to be Britian Browning. Doesn't that just sound like a great name. Both of them are family names. I just couldn't be more excited to meet him.
Well, I hope everyone is doing okay out there! Have a great week! Yeah!


What the Cluck

cascade 220
cascade 220,
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So, I have a small passion for vintage linens and I saw this shade of cascade 220 that matches my favorite table cloth. See, see how it matches the horse shoes. Yes, I am crazy, crazy enough to rationalize buying yarn to match my table cloth. That my be the prego brain talking. It has been in overdrive lately. Lets see last weekend I went to Whole Foods to buy the things I would need to make a burritoe. I left with 200$ worth of groceries including dog food and bagles. No I am not crazy, I am apparently just really hungry and so is my dog! The other day I had to stop at a Chick Fillet chain the other day to puke my guts up in a dignified manner. By that I mean on my hands and knees in a public restroom with a screaming four year old girl crawling on my back begging for food and to play in the playground. I honestly felt that at that moment I hit an all time low. Then I back up into a lady who was parked behind my car. I didn't see her there. Don't worry we are fine, but I suggest not parking behind me. I told the poor lady that I was really sorry, but I am pregnant. She said, and I quote," Oh, you poor dear, don't worry about it, god bless your little heart!" I hear that. To soothe my nerves I went to the yarn shop to find buttons for my supper cute New Baby Ribby Wraps. I spent 50$ on yarn, needles, and wool wash. I didn't even look at buttons people. All whilest my most darling child ran like a banshee through the shop screaming and throwing yarn into the walkways. I had a full on melt down in the store. In front of everyone! Then explained to everyone that I was pregnant and they all knodded and smiled. Remember I am not crazy, but Pregnant!


Fall is Here Fall is Here

Tatianna's Garden
Tatianna's Garden,
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Hello, all my little Noonoos in cyber land. It is Fall! I have proof. Not only have we had the most amazing weather, but we also went to the Ren Fest. Yeah! Tuesday we went to homeschooling day at the Texas Ren Fest. Which is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the US. It was wonderful. It was high of 70 and sunshine all day. We had spent all Sunday making this wonderful costume for Miss Fae. Brandon spent most of the day making her "Wings" which where basically an arrangement of autum flowers and leaves and feathers on her back. They are amazing. I will put another pic up with more detail. He also made her a crown of flowers and leaves, and I had sewn her costume using organic jersey and cheese cloth. With brown organic homespun wool yarn whip stitched and blanket stitched seems around the edges. She was a truelly magical autum fairy, and everyone there knew it. I don't think she has ever had so much attention paid to her. Everyone wanted to take pictures of her and I think Brandon may have sold a couple of people on buying wings from him. Even the participants where impressed, and god know they have seen some suckie fairies. They even wanted pictures with her. Then when we were walking around she found a fairy sleeping in an cathedral of flowers and vines. They had a long interaction with lots of fairy speak. I think Miss Fae thinks she really met a living fairy. The fairy gave her an acorn that is now her favorite thing in the whole world. We are going to have to go back before it closes in November because we just had the best time ever. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Even the weather co-operated. The pictures all turned out amazing too! Halloween is right around the corner and I know what Miss Fae is going to be.